Talk at powerstack seminar

The Powerstack is a consortium to bring together experts from academia, research laboratories and industry in order to design a holistic and extensible power management framework, which is refered to as the PowerStack. The initial work towards the PowerStack started in 2017. The work arose out of the realization that there is no common consensus among the vendors/labs/academia on what software agents are needed to drive energy/power management across various layers of the system software stack and how they should interact to coordinate optimizations to power/energy at different granularities in the system. In fact, this issue has been floating around ever since the power challenges to exascale became evident. The goal of this initiative was simple – get the community to agree upon how different software agents can interoperate with each other, without overstepping on each other’s power/energy control mechanisms.

Powerstack is mainly driven by TU Munich, Germany and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, but has also members from Japan. Industry participation includes Intel, IBM, and HPE. The PowerStack seminar was a two-day event on November 10th (Thurs) and November 11th (Fri) held in Texas, USA prior to the SC22. Jan Eitzinger and Torsten Wilde were invited to give an online presentation about the EE-HPC project. The Powerstack consortium and EE-HPC are related as both use GeoPM as an integral part.

Slides: PDF